Hosting Service Status

ECHO Infrastructure Maintenance

Maintenance Window: Sunday, 6/28/2020 10:00pm to midnight, Mountain Standard Time

Systems affected: All ECHO hosting, e-commerce sites and mailbox hosting.

Detail: DMZ firewall upgrade

Visible Changes: Your ECHO systems will be unavailable for short periods during this maintenance window. All servers will be rebooted.

After the update: We’ll be more secure with the latest patches on the exterior firewall

Hosting Service Status

WebMail Impacted

As of 5/24/2020, the latest Microsoft updates are causing issues with our Mail Enable webmail client. Other protocols (mail clients with POP/IMAP are unaffected.

We are restoring services, meanwhile you can use and click “Advanced login” . then you can login with your regular email credentials.

We expect full services to be restored within a few hours.

Services are restored as of 5/27/2020 1:30am MST

Hosting Service Status

January 2020 Microsoft Patching

Maintenance Window: Sunday, 1/19/2020 10:00pm – 1/19/2020 11:59pm Mountain Standard Time

Detail: Microsoft patches, including the latest ‘urgent’ patch

Visible Changes: Your Epicor system will be unavailable for short periods during this maintenance window. All servers will be rebooted.

After the update: We’ll be more secure

Hosting Service Status

Disaster Recovery Testing

Maintenance Window: Sunday, 11/10/2019 9pm MST to 11/11/2019 2am

Detail: We’ll be testing failover and failback environments, with a minimal downtime expected during the entire event

Visible Changes: There is a possibility your Epicor system will be unavailable for short periods during this maintenance window.

After the update: We’ll have 100% confidence in our improved RPO and RTO’s for same site failover.

We will be scheduling another DR testing for our hot site failover later this month.

Hosting Service Status

Disaster Recovery – Incremental deployment

Maintenance window: Sunday, September 29 from 22:00 to 23:59 MST.

Detail: In preparation for far-improved RTO (Recovery Time Objective) and RPO (Recovery Point Objective), we are moving our networks around. This will result in all VM’s losing network connectivity for a few minutes. We anticipate a full system outage for less than 30 minutes, but have blocked out two hours in case additional work is needed.

Visible Changes: None

After the update, our infrastructure, database and directory servers will have a RPO of 15 seconds-5 days, and an RTO of less than 5 minutes.

Hosting Service Status

Identity Management Upgrade

We’re planning to upgrade the ECHO Identity Management tools on 7/21/19.

This will impact your ability to reset your password during the maintenance window.  All other services and functionality will remain untouched.

After this upgrade, users that leverage RemoteApp might need to re-authenticate the RemoteApp in order to keep your RemoteApp’s refreshing.  See ECHO Tips and Tricks to learn about how to set up RemoteApp.

You’ll notice a new and improved interface when using ECHO Identity Management, including a cleaner CAPTCHA image.

Hosting Service Status

ECHO Identity Management Outage

We are upgrading our infrastructure on 3/13/18 at 10pm MST.  Identity Management tools (password reset and enrollment) will be unavailable during the upgrade.  All other services will remain unaffected.

Enhancements Hosting Service Status

Migrations complete!

We are now in our new hosting home, and boy, does it feel good!

Enhancements Hosting Service Status

DNS updates complete, website are on the move!

This is the week for final website migration from the old servers in Baltimore to the newer, faster and more resilient servers at US Signal.  As always, if you see any outages or issues, please call or open a ticket.


EstesCloud Hosting Mail Client Settings

If you are using EstesCloud Mail Hosting, please use these settings for your mail client.

Before we get started

  • Your username is your complete email address:
  • Your password must be complex, 7 or more characters with UPPER, lower, #’s and Symbols
  • More than 10 bad password attempts will lock your IP address for a time, so please be careful!
  • You (and your users) can change your own mail password via webmail at
  • If you are the domain administrator, login to the Web Hosting Control Panel to manage your mail accounts.
  • All email is cloud filtered and quarantined at, see SpamFlare help for more.

Mail Protocols

You’ll probably want to use IMAP4 instead of POP3, as it keeps your mail on the server, ready to be consumed by more than one device.  If you have only one computer that you are checking email with, then POP3 is OK, as long as you don’t mind all your email being on your one device and NOT on the server! If you remove mail from the server, then it’s your responsibility to back it up.

SMTP Server

  • Port 587 or Port 25 with TLS enabled
  • Outgoing server requires authentication

IMAP Server:

  • Port 993 with SSL enabled

POP3 Server:

  • Port 993