Echo Tips and Tricks

Login Tips

Your email address is your login name.  If you forget your password, visit and click “Forgot password”

After several bad attempts at logging in, you’ll get locked out and an email will be sent to you shortly afterwards.  To unlock your account, visit here.

Learn about the ECHO Identity Management system

Faster Access Tips

Use RemoteApp to put ECHO icons in your Start Menu and your desktop

(Requires Windows).  Hit Start and type “remoteapp” and pick “Access RemoteApp and Desktops.

Use this RemoteApp Connection URL:

ECHO v1 users:
ECHO Hybrid and v2 users: Tenant ID)

Login with your ECHO credentials.  After that, you’ll find all your ECHO resources from the Start Menu.under “EstesCloud Hosted Resources” for ECHO v1 users or “ECHO” for ECHO v2 users. If you want, you can right click any of the ECHO icons and “Pin to Start” for even easier access.

Note: If you don’t know if you are ECHO v1, hybrid or ECHO v2, or don’t know your ECHO Tenant ID, just ask your co-worker, or open a support ticket.

Access from your mobile

Android and iOS users can use the Microsoft RDP Client from the AppStore and use the same RemoteApp URL above to add the icons to your mobile.  While the screen is smaller and there’s no local printing support, it’s a great way to get access from on the road.

Need Support?

Open a ticket by email at or visit the EstesGroup Portal at