Business Continuity (BDR)


We all have seen the recently seen the need for business continuity, both onsite and cloud, of critical IT assets.  Whether it is restoring files after a ransomware attack, or finding your servers underwater or without power, now is an excellent time to be putting the finishing touches on your business continuity plan. Backups and restore are usually easy, it’s the ability to get your business back and running afterwards that’s critical and somewhat harder.

. Business Continuity provides:

  • Onsite and Cloud Backup
  • File and Folders, SQL database and Exchange mailbox recovery
  • Onsite and Hosted VM “Quick Spin” recovery (Hosted VM’s require Mid-Tier Server)
  • Price is per server per month
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This subscription includes:

  • An agent on your protected server
  • Setup of the protection plan
  • Assistance with restores of files, SQL databases, Exchange mailboxes and entire server
  • Access to your backup management console to backup, restore, and validate the solution

Additional requirements:

  • Local storage on your network for backups – roughly 2x of your used capacity (we recommend 2x of total capacity to future proof the solution)
  • Cloud storage in our HIPAA compliant data center for off-site protection. See Cloud Resource-Backup Storage
  • Internet access for cloud backup transfer and recovery management console access


  • A hypervisor on your network to run “quick spin” recovery.  This can be VMware, Hyper-V or even a Windows 10 Pro workstation
  • A subscription to EstesCloud Hosted Servers to restore the server in our cloud