Do you need EstesCloud?

IT is a bundle of all the Information Technology in use at your company. Servers, Workstations, Cloud Services, Switches, Firewalls, Printers, Phones, Copiers, Tablets, Scanners are in use at most companies.
Many small business don't have a dedicated IT staff, so the person who knows the most about technology (or the owner) ends up handing the requests.
Services are what get your business done. Servers down, internet acceptably slow, data ransomed, printers that don't print - all impact the bottom line.
Restoring files vs. an entire server are very different events, if a server is down, your business might come to a full-stop. Fast and repeatable disaster recovery processes are essential for any business.
Not only is unfiltered web surfing a productivity waster, it's the primary method of attack for ransomware. If you aren't aggressively filtering internet traffic, you are next on the ransomware hit-list!
If you've been a victim of malware, ransomware or unwanted software, you need to make sure to shore up your defenses for the next attack.
If your IT department is responsible for keeping the systems running, it's worth a second unbiased opinion.