ECHO Password Reset Tips

When your ECHO password is almost ready to expire, you’ll start getting emails reminding you to reset it before it expires.

If you wait until after it expires, you’ll have to use your ECHO Identity Management Enrollment Q&A or the Mobile App to reset it – but, of course, you’ll have to enroll before you can use it. Failing that, you can always open a support ticket at

However, many users still have an ECHO Remote Desktop Session running in the cloud when they change their password. If the password is changed WHILE a session is running, they’ll immediately get locked out. Therefore, it’s important to remember to Sign Off all ECHO sessions (and applications) before changing your ECHO password.

Next, many clients choose to “Save password” in their local PC to make the logon process easier. If your PC has an old password saved, it doesn’t always prompt you to reset it. Therefore, hit Start and type “Credentials” to start Credential Manager. Choose “Windows Credentials” and remove any passwords that have TERMSRV\* in them – the specific entries are determined by your ECHO tenant. See the yellow highlighter for those types of entries to remove. Again, delete your saved credentials before changing your ECHO password.

Questions? Open a ticket here