HIPAA Compliance



Open Internet Explorer and go to www.compliancy-group.com, click Client Login in the upper right corner.
The site works better in some browsers than others due to the document opening behavior.

  1. Login into The Guard
    1. Login name is your email address
    2. Password is Password123! 
  2. Please change your password after initial entry by clicking Change Password in the upper right hand corner of the screen
  3. Attesting to the Companies policies and Procedures.
    1. In the second box on the left, you will see a list of policies and training you will need to attest, (say you understand or don’t understand) to.
    2. Click one of the items under “Important Documents” and a box will appear that will ask you if you want to view this document, say yes. If prompted to download the document, stop, download, read and close the document.NOTE: If using a pop-up blocker (most browsers do) and you get a message saying “Pop-up Blocked”, please choose “Always allow pop-ups from this site” and then click the document again.
    3. Choose “Open” to open the document. There’s no need to save a copy, you can always return here to read up on a policy.
    4. You’ll see a yellow box appear alongside the Open option. Leave that open for the moment.
    5. Switch to Word, read the entire document, and once completed, close the document. You will return to the yellow box that will ask you if:
      1. You do understand the content and intent of the document,
      2. You do not understand,
      3. You will read later.
        Choose an option and save.
    6. Continue on till all documents are green.

Please keep in mind that while the documents are lengthy, it is an EstesGroup requirement to read and comply with the security of these documents!

In short, here are EstesGroup Security Policies:

  1. We’ll never ask you for your password. If an Estes employee or contractor asks for your Estes Identity password, please contact support@estesgrp.com immediately.
  2. Please don’t write your password down. If necessary, use a password management tool (like LastPass) to help you remember passwords.
  3. All EstesGroup content (documents, reports, and other Estes-owned data) should be stored in EstesNet or OneDrive for Business, as we do NOT backup nor encrypt your local hard drives.

If you have any questions, please email me!

Technical Services Director and Security Officer