Security WFHIT

May the 14th be with you!

Brain dump for today: I’m astounded that the average end-user hasn’t realized the quantity and quality of malware sites/phishing and general attacks that have launched since Covid-19 sent us all home.

While I’m loathe to use that term (C19) here, it needs to be stated that the bad guys have little concern for ‘playing by the rules’ and they’ll use whatever means necessary to get into your PC, your network, your business and ultimately to the golden nuggets of your organization.

PLEASE, spend a few extra minutes considering the email that purports to have the latest C19 updates, government stimulus checks and free food – it’s quite likely someone after YOUR checkbook.

Look for the classic phishing clues (let me know if we need to share them) and look before you click!

And why did I choose the title? Only because I missed celebrating May 4th – I was too busy in front of the computer. sigh.