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Ransomware in a VM?!

Saw the craziest news article on ZDnet yesterday. Apparently ransomware is now installing a virtual machine INSIDE the hacked computer in order to avoid detection. We’ve entered a new phase of devious behavior!

Please make sure your users are safe – I really think the only way to avoid all this is to adopt a Zero Trust attitude.

Think of it this way – do you let a technician into your home to work on the AC unit, just because they have the right shirt on? Did you call them? Are they ‘safe’? Do they take their shoes off and keep their N95 mask on? Some of us will allow them in, some will not.

At this time, I have immune compromised folks at home, and that technician isn’t coming in. I’ll live with a busted AC unit for now, it’s not worth the risk.

Is your PC worth the risk to allow untrusted software in and run whatever, wherever it wants, with whatever bugs it brings with it? I think not.

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