ECHOe Identity Management

One of the key components of ECHOe is our Identity Management platform.  With it, your staff can change their own passwords, unlock their account and even get back in to ECHO when they’ve forgotten their password!

To use this feature, you must first enroll.  That involves completing 2 questions and answers.  Your staff will need those Q&A to perform account unlock and password reset. If you still remember your password, you can change your password and update your Q&A without needing your Q&A.

The enrollment link with your one time password was emailed to you when you first started.  If you request a password reset from our helpdesk, another email will be sent with the link as well.

You cannot log in to ECHO without resetting your one time password first! In this way, nobody (not even us!) know your password.  Please keep it secure and do NOT write it down on a post-it note next to your computer!


  • You can change your password and update your Q&A if desired.
  • If you type an incorrect ECHO password 5 times within 60 minutes (with no valid login in between), your account will be locked. When your account is locked, we’ll send you an email telling you so, with a link to the unlock utility.
  • Passwords expire every 6 months unless otherwise requested.  You will be emailed reminders one week before your password expires.
  • Passwords must be at least 8 characters, not re-used and cannot include your username. They also must have 3 out of 4 traits: UPPER, lower, numbers and/or symbols.
  • Network administrators: ECHO Identity Management requires outbound TCP port 10050

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to open a ticket.